Paul Kelly wedding photographer

Approach to wedding photography

The style is fast, efficient, fun with an emphasis on candid and swiftly taken shots capturing genuine emotion and where possible, humour.

The importance of the formal family portraits is recognized and Paul guarantees to complete a pre-agreed series of these photographs in the unusually short time of 30 minutes.

Images are captured continuously on the Day and a count of 300-400 shots per wedding is typical. Paul alternates between capturing strong, expressive portraits of family members and guests from a distance on a long lens while moving in closer to record couples and groups on a wide lens.

About Paul

10 years ago he graduated from DIT school of photography with distinction. He then went on to work as a professional freelance assistant working for and learning from over 20 photographers in various fields. Now Paul divides his time between his own photography business, his family and fishing – his 3 ‘F’s’

Paul Kelly Studio3 is a team of professionals who under Paul’s direction produce some of the finest wedding photography on the island. Paul is always principal photographer.

A Paul Kelly Studio3 suite of wedding images portrays a range of styles that reflect Paul’s personality and approach. Inevitably their signature will be a veracity of expression combined with a view of the Day that is variously romantic, quirky, amusing, sensitive and insightful.

Paul always captures the ‘twinkle-in-the-eye’ Contact us now and find out for yourself.