Climbing 2,242m to find love

This is an Italian-Irish love story (and you know how we at Paul Kelly Studio3 love romatic love stories). Catherine and Barbato met in 2010 after an early morning hike 2,242m above sea level, at the top of La Meta, in the beautiful Abruzzo National Park in Italy. The name of the mountain translates as ‘the destination’ which in this case is more than appropriate. Their new journey together started from that point on.

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You always expect Italian men to be romantic, but Barbato really fulfills this image. Like a real gentleman Barbato asked Catherine’s father for her hand in September 2012. Only 15 weeks and some pretty amazing organisational skills later was their big day. However before that Barbato together with 60 friends and family surprised her on New Year’s day with a traditional ‘serenata’. Everything about this wedding was beautiful and unique including the fact that they got married on 3.1.13 at 13.31 due to their mutual love of numbers.

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They decided to get married in the Brooklodge in County Wicklow, because they wanted a cozy venue with relaxed ambience that would make their guests feel welcome and at home. Being an Italian-Irish wedding food was a very important factor. They wanted somewhere that could provide the best in seasonal, local and high quality food and that could also marry the best of Irish and Italian cuisine. Brooklodge managed to deliver all that and more for the couple and their 185 guests.

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Paul and Lucia at Paul Kelly Studio3 always look forward to  Catherine’s visits for coffee and chats and albums and unusual wedding prints.

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We like to ask our couples what the best part/moment of their wedding day was.

Here is what Catherine and Barbato answered to that question:

Having one of the first ‘Gatherings’ of the year – it was so special to get so many of the people who are important to us together for our special day. The sun shining in through the stained glass windows at the altar just as we said our vows, the beautifully mild weather on the day, the exceptional food and wine in Brooklodge, Paul’s photobooth, the music, dancing, chat and singsong all made for an incredibly memorable day.

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