10 questions to ask your wedding photographer


1. How would you define your style?

A great wedding photographer will shoot in a variety of styles. When asked, he or she will be able to explain these in simple terms and be able to show you examples.  Tip: How the photographer answers this question will tell you a lot about his personality and will give you an indication of how well you will get along. So it is best to ask this question early on. Your style and your photographers style should overlap.

2. Why Are You a Photographer?

The profession is one of privilege. As a photographer you are chosen to share and record one of your clients biggest and happiest Days. When you enter a family home or venue on the morning of a wedding you are privy to the inner workings of that family even beit just for a couple of hours. As a client you must fully trust and be comfortable with the photographer you choose. The photographer who can succinctly and honestly let you know why they chose their profession is the one who will possess true integrity and passion for the craft that is required in order to fit seamlessly with family  dynamics and the myriad of social situations they will encounter during your celebrations.

3. Can you show me a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

Make sure you get to see an example of a full suite of wedding images. Also ask to see  some current work and some of their own favourites.

4. Are you the actual photographer who will shoot my wedding? 

You book your photographer for good reasons ranging from personality and manner to talent and style. As a client you should ensure that the person you meet will be the photographer there on the wedding Day. A good studio will however have options for backup photographers who can shoot in the studio style. These may be long-term assistants/protégés and you can sometimes get better value if you do agree to use a studio photographer as principle photographer on the Day

5. How far in advance do you need to book with you?

The earlier the better! Photographers get bookings as early as 2-3 years in advance so if you already know your wedding date and have your venue set make sure the next thing is your photographer. If you don’t your choice will inevitably be more limited.

6. What happens if the camera develops a fault?

Make sure to ask that question and be happy with the answer. Unless you know a lot about photography equipment you won’t need to ask for specific details but just ask whether or not they have a backup. A true professional will have a backup of the backup i.e. at least three working camera bodies.

7. What happens if you fall ill on the day?

First of all lets all hope that this won’t happen. Again, a good professional photographer will have an emergency support network – professionals that are equally as qualified to cover your Day. He or she will not loose a beat answering this question.

8. What Products Do You Offer?

Kind of an obvious question but still a question you need to ask. Wedding packages vary and can change so be sure to ask what’s included in the package you’re buying. For example, are printable digital copies of the photographs included? How many pictures will appear in my finished album?

9. How many photographs will I receive in the final cut?

Less is more. In this digital age  photographers tend to take 100’s of images. A great photographer will only allow the very best images out to his client. The edit  is a large part of the work that happens behind the scenes in a good studio and part of the reason you shouldn’t expect to receive your wedding images the next day!

10. When will I see my pictures and when will I receive my Album?

As a paying client you should make yourself aware of the timeframes for receiving the edit from the Day. Also ask how long it will take for the studio to produce your album after you have submitted your own selection.